For Advertisers


“Market-leading technology & world class customer service to deliver you maximum revenue.”

DMP Persona Builder

Awareness, Interest
Desire, Action

ad2one DSP

Agnostic performance driven platform. Across Display, Native, Video, Search, Social and Mobile Rich-Media

ad2one DMP

Activate rich 1st party data segments across our multi-channel platforms

ad2one Retargeting

Unique Dynamic Creative Optimisation and advanced decisioning engine to maximise campaign performance

ad2one Search

Multiple Campaign,
Bid Recommendations,
Artifical Intelligenct,
Workflow Simplicity

For Publishers


“Market-leading technology & world class customer service to deliver you maximum revenue.”

Sector-leading publishers reaching 85% of the UK Audience providing unique data underpinned by market-leading technology to deliver performance, analysis and insight”

Our DSP was built to alleviate the chaos of addressable media by building deep integrations across the industry to deliver across all devices, channels, and assigned audience personas

85% Population Reach
Cross Device – Desktop, Video, Mobile Web, Mobile in-app
Private Marketplaces

  • Standardized engagement & interactive modules built-in
  • Gesture & Native phone function-based features built-in
  • Designed to create engagement ads taking mobile ads to the next level
  • Make HTML5 ads accessible to every advertiser

Our unique technology treats the user as one, across all devices. The user can be activated on the best converting device at the best suited time. This solves the #1 marketer issue.

Our market-leading products includes –

  • Cross-device frequency control
  • Cross-device retargeting
  • Dynamic product recommendation engine
  • Automated ad creation
  • Individual banner design
  • Simple tag-based setup. Not integration required
  • Encrypted data handling

“Market-leading technology & world class customer service to deliver you maximum revenue.”

Driven by Header Bidding, we tap into all Premium demand partners resulting in maximum yield and revenue for our Publishers.

Build comprehensive user personas and achieve the Holy Grail of 1:1 marketing across all addressable media channels.

ad2one High-Impact HTML5 Mobile Ads

Taking Mobile Advertising to the next level

Market Leading – Advanced JS scripting and HTML5 technology deployed to cater to today’s smartphones

Simple – Easy setup and fast to deploy

Measurable – Standard and engagement reporting with 3rd party click tracking support

Engaging – Incorporates Responsive based features into ads that lets users do more